KOVO P+P, s.r.o. is engaged in the manufacture and machining of a wide range of metal and non metal parts and components of varied scale according to customer requirements and orders. The main activities include cutting materials (sawing, plasma and flame cutting), vertical and horizontal machining (milling, turning, grinding, drilling, boring, etc.), welding and assembly.

KOVO P+P, s.r.o. produces and delivers machine's components and features, spare parts individualy and assembled for customers from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, France and Italy. Production runs mostly on NC and CNC machinig centers, machines and partlty on conventional machining units.

Our values

  • customer loyalty
  • teamwork concluded with suitable results
  • friendly but serious working environment
  • quality which makes our name
  • loyality to our partners and their subcontractors
  • health and safety at work
  • social dialogue and strong employment relationship
  • same rules and care about small and big partners
  • precision work

Our goals

  • enterprise values, which are useable worldwide - high quality and excellent care about customers
  • flexible reaction on market needs connected with providing of professional sales, consulting and service to our customers
  • raising of effectivity and productivity with implementation of new technologies and procedures
  • keeping and raising of level of quality management
  • keeping of company personal base with strong moral and professional qualification
  • deepening and enhancement of inner company procedures and raising company culture