Machining and assembly of steel and stainless steel parts and constructions 


KOVO P+P, s.r.o. is engaged in the manufacture and machining of a wide range of metal and non metal parts and components of varied scale according to customer requirements and orders. The main activities include cutting materials (sawing, plasma and flame cutting), vertical and horizontal machining (milling, turning, grinding, drilling, boring, etc.), welding and assembly.

KOVO P+P, s.r.o. produces and delivers machine's components and features, spare parts individualy and assembled for customers from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, France and Italy. Production runs mostly on NC and CNC machinig centers, machines and partlty on conventional machining units.


KOVO P+P, s.r.o.
Komenskeho 44
955 01 Topolcany
Reg. No.: 365 465 51